Ferry Time Table

Daily Timetable

April through September, Mirambeena only

Depart Kettering

 6.30 am     (Mon to Sat)

 7.30 am     (Daily)

 9.00 am     (Daily)

10.00 am     (Daily)

11.00 am     (Daily)

12.00 pm     (Daily)

  1.30 pm     (Daily)

  2.30 pm     (Daily)

  3.30 pm     (Daily)

  4.30 pm     (Daily)

  5.30 pm     (Daily)

  7.00 pm     (Daily)

Depart Bruny Island

  7.00 am     (Mon to Sat)

  8.30 am     (Daily)

 9.30 am     (Daily)

 10.30 am     (Daily)

 11.30 pm     (Daily)

 12.30 pm     (Daily)

   2.00 pm     (Daily)

  3.00 pm     (Daily)

  4.00 pm     (Daily)

  5.00 pm     (Daily)

  6.00 pm     (Daily)

  7.15 pm     (Daily)


October through March-Mirambeena and Bowen

Depart Kettering

Mirambeena   Bowen
6.30am Mon-Sat  
7.30am Daily  
  Daily 8.30am
9.00am Daily  
  Daily 9.30am
10.00am Daily  
  Daily 10.30am
11.00am Daily  
  Daily 11.30am
12.00pm Daily  
1.30pm Daily  
2.30pm Daily  
  Daily 3.00pm
3.30pm Daily  
  Daily 4.00pm
4.30pm Daily  
  Daily 5.00pm
5.30pm Daily  
7.00pm Daily  

Depart Bruny Island

Mirambeena   Bowen
7.00am Mon-Sat  
8.30am Daily  
  Daily 9.00am
9.30am Daily  
  Daily 10.00am
10.30am Daily  
  Daily 11.00am
11.30am Daily  
  Daily 12.00pm
12.30pm Daily  
2.00pm Daily  
3.00pm Daily  
  Daily 3.30pm
4.00pm Daily  
  Daily 4.30pm
5.00pm Daily  
  Daily 5.30pm
6.00pm Daily  
7.15pm Daily  

Timetable Changes/Delays:

Mirambeena docking is completed and the ferry will resume normal service from Kettering at 1.30pm Thursday June 9th.

Both Mirambeena and MV Bowen will operate over the long weekend from June 9th 1.30 pm through to and including Tuesday June 14th. The ferries will operate the “Summer” timetable for these 5 1/2 days.